Preventing and Removing Tax Liens

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we know how to utilize bankruptcy protections under Chapter 7, 11 and 13 to prevent or remove tax liens, levies, garnishments and seizures against personal or business assets. We have been successfully utilizing bankruptcy law to protect taxpayers from all types of governmental attachments and sales since 1983.


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Bankruptcy Relief From Tax Liens, Levies, Garnishments and Seizures

By properly employing certain special provisions of the Bankruptcy Code experienced bankruptcy counsel can actually reverse or undo severe collection procedures by taxing authorities, even after the imposition of liens, levies, seizures or garnishments.

In addition to the protection from future collection procedures as provided by the automatic stay, liens and other severe collection remedies can be reversed and undone.

Liens placed on real estate are subject to removal under Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 lien-stripping provisions. Various provisions of the Bankruptcy Code allow bankrupt tax payers to remove tax liens that are under or unsecured. This allows liens to be removed from personal property, real estate and business property to the extent that the collateral liened provides no value or equity for the tax levying authority. Once removed, these tax obligations are subject to discharge/elimination or favorable repayment terms, depending on the asset value liened, the type of tax liened and the age of the underlying tax obligations.

Understanding lien removal powers and their proper application requires the knowledge of an experienced tax relief and bankruptcy attorney. This extraordinary form of tax relief for already existing obligations and liens requires litigation against local, state or federal taxing authorities in bankruptcy court. To evaluate and properly litigate these types of actions against the applicable tax authorities, all taxpayers should be certain to obtain the best possible legal counsel available.

Decades of Experience With Bankruptcy and Tax Lien Issues

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, we've litigated lien removal actions against the State Department of Revenue Service and the Internal Revenue Service for the benefit of our clients since 1983. The taxing authorities and attorneys know our reputation, commitment to solid preparation and aggressive advocacy on behalf of our tax relief clients.

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