Installment Agreements: Tax Problems in Waterbury, CT

Local, State or Federal tax problems of all kinds and amounts can cause taxpayers with solvable solutions to "hide" in despair. However, even the most difficult tax problems are hugely solvable. Tax collectors and revenue officers are government employees charged with the responsibility of assisting you and your professionals is solving delinquent tax obligations. There are numerous options available for solving delinquent tax obligations through guaranteed or negotiated resolutions.


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Tax Relief through Installment Tax Agreements

Local, State and Federal tax authorities can often be negotiated into an installment or periodic payment agreement if it's well presented and makes financial sense; including:

Negotiated Tax Agreements:

In the hands of qualified and experienced tax professionals, Town, State and Federal tax collectors will often agree to a negotiated payment plan on back taxes. While all taxing authorities will require that new charges paid on a current basis, back charges can be negotiated and paid over time if the plan is well supported and satisfies their authority and guidelines.

Guaranteed Tax Installment Agreements:

This provision allows Federal income tax delinquencies under $10,000 to be paid with interest and penalties in a period of up to 36 months. It does require that all past and future tax returns be filed and all future taxes to be filed and paid on time.

Streamlined Installment Tax Agreements:

This recently expanded IRS payment arrangement avoids all financial disclosures and allows for equal monthly installments on all balances of under $50,000 over a six-year or 72 month payment arrangement. It requires filings for all past returns and future timely filings and payments. Streamlined Installment Agreements prevent collection efforts like all liens and levies.

Other Tax Installment Agreements:

There are a variety of State and Federal Installment Agreements available for taxpayers who are unable to meet the requirements of streamlined or guaranteed tax Installment Agreements. These cover all types of taxes, including:

  • Payroll Taxes
  • Sales Taxes
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • State Income Taxes
  • Local Taxes

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