Hartford Tax Relief Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve resolved the tax problems of Hartford residents since 1983. Through our unique combination of experience and knowledge, we find workable solutions to overwhelming tax problems even in the most difficult circumstances. We are often able to solve problems that have continued for many stressful and difficult years within days or weeks of an initial consultation. Accountants, CPA’s and other tax professionals have referred us cases in Hartford County for the past three decades. They rely on our experience to solve the most difficult of tax problems after it often appears that no solution exists and all other options have failed.

Our experienced attorneys handle all types of

  • Local property and real estate taxes
  • State sales taxes, income taxes and use taxes
  • Federal income taxes and payroll tax assessments
  • Small business tax problems of all types

Bankruptcy law controls the elimination and treatment of all types of taxes without exception; including:

Contact us for a free initial conversation directly with Attorney Crane at (203) 815-1161 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027, or fill out our online Contact Form today. “Calling for help is really difficult, but we’ve solved thousands of serious financial problems, starting with that fearful first call to our office.” Discover customized solutions by seeking our help today.


In addition to our bankruptcy tax knowledge and reputation for 30 years of superior legal representation in the Hartford Bankruptcy Court, we also understand all of the other non-bankruptcy tax options. Our specialized knowledge of tax problems and bankruptcy treatment of taxes allows us to uniquely combine these powerful bankruptcy options with other non-bankruptcy alternatives, including:

Installment Agreements
Penalty Abatements
Tax Liability Relief
Taxpayer Defenses

Our education and years of experience as attorneys gives us the unique combination of specializations necessary to understand and explore all of the customized options available to analyze and solve your unique tax problem, however difficult it may seem to you or other professionals. Unlike other tax providers, our status as attorneys keeps you protected by attorney/client privilege. This allows you to discuss all of your problems in full in a safe and secure conversation that is entirely confidential and can never be revealed.

We utilize a full range of options including the protection of all automatic stay on all collection alternatives which is immediately in place upon the filing of a petition for relief under any bankruptcy chapter. A proper bankruptcy filing will:

  • STOP all collection procedures by the IRS
  • STOP all collection procedures by the State Department of Revenue Services
  • STOP all liens, levies garnishments and seizures
  • STOP all real estate or personal property sales

The automatic stay allows a time frame for comprehensive review and negotiation with all tax authorities without the unreasonable pressures of immediate collection threats from local state or federal tax revenue collectors. To learn more about tax relief, including:

We utilize all remedies possible under the law to properly analyze and fully resolve your unique tax problem.

Contact us today to schedule a confidential free consultation. We will fully analyze and discuss your entire financial situation during our first meeting. Start by contacting us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027, or complete our online Contact Form. We have helped well over ten thousand families in Connecticut. Read our testimonials.