Hartford Tax Penalties Lawyers

Avoiding Tax Penalties, Interest and Late Fees

Missed or late payments to Federal, State or local tax authorities can result in the statutory imposition of penalties, late fees and/or interest charges. The addition of these extra charges can make a bad problem much worse as difficult overdue amounts become seemingly insurmountably large and unpayable tax burdens. Avoiding these additional charges requires the involvement of an experienced tax or legal professional to represent your interest. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been providing quality legal representation for overdue tax payers throughout Connecticut since 1983.

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Obtaining Relief from Tax Penalties, Late Fees and Interest

There are various options that can reduce, eliminate or stop the running or imposition of these extra charges:

Tax Penalty Abatements are not available as a matter of law or automatically. Instead, they must be granted through an arrangement approved by State or Federal revenue collectors. The most common form of abatement is available through the negotiated Federal alternative of a granted Offer-in-Compromise or a State Revenue Services granted Offer-of-Compromise. These options are customized and fact specific to the circumstances of individual tax payers or small businesses. They require the proper analysis, preparation and presentation of a lump sum or short-term installment arrangement based upon "available" assets and "excess" monthly income.

Tax Late Fee Abatements are only granted with the consent of State or Federal tax authorities through the acceptance of a negotiated and reduced settlement. These late fees will continue to run on all uncollected State and Federal taxes until an alternative option is in place with the IRS or DRS revenue collectors.

Interest on Overdue Taxes

Tax Interest is a statutory charge imposed on all unpaid State or Federal tax balances at exorbitantly high rates that quickly compound delinquent tax problems. However, options do exist for the negotiated relinquishment of these past interest charges as well as the imposition or reduction of future interest rate charges.

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