Hartford, CT Tax Liens, Levies and Seizures: Options and Alternatives

While all tax problems and collections efforts can be frightening, the threat of liens, levies or seizures is an extraordinary power granted only to State and Federal taxing authorities. The levy or loss of assets can have catastrophic impact on any delinquent individual or business taxpayer. Fortunately, many options exist to avoid this drastic collection alternative and the first step is for you or your tax professional to contact our office for a free initial consultation. We have the reputation and experience necessary to solve all types of Federal, State and local tax problems.


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Types of Tax Liens, Levies and Seizures Tax collectors do not need court approval to levy or seize taxpayer assets or assets held for taxpayers by a third party. Assets available for tax levy include:

  • Your home or other real estate that belongs to the taxpayer in any location;
  • Bank accounts held in the taxpayer's name or held for the benefit of the taxpayer;
  • Business assets or personal property such as vehicles and equipment are available to taxing authority collection through levies or seizures;
  • Wages due to the delinquent taxpayer can be attached or garnished for uncollected tax obligations, penalties and/or interest

Avoiding Tax Liens, Levies or Seizures

There are various options for avoiding the attachment or loss of assets to State, Federal or even local tax authorities seeking to lien or seize assets for overdue tax obligations. In fact, taxpayers who act promptly and appropriately to address overdue tax obligations with the assistance of a qualified tax or legal professional can often avoid these extreme collection methods. Options include:

Offer-in-Compromise - A properly submitted Offer-in-Compromise on the State or Federal level will prevent tax liens or levies on a temporary basis while the tax authorities process, review and rule on submitted offers.

Installment Agreements - The submission or granting of any type of installment arrangement will prevent all types of tax liens or levies. This can provide both a temporary or permanent stop to all direct or third party tax garnishment actions.

Bankruptcy - The filing for relief under any chapter of bankruptcy will immediately halt or automatically stay any form of local, State or Federal tax collection activities while allowing the taxpayer time or a payment plan for relief from overdue and delinquent taxes. To avoid the extreme problems caused by IRS or State tax liens, levies or seizures, seek the experienced advice of an attorney at the Law Offices of Neil Crane. Call us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1- 888-249-3027 for a free consultation.