Struggling Hartford homeowners continue to need help as the Hartford foreclosure courts process record numbers of home foreclosures. The records indicate that a large number of homeowners in Hartford remain stuck and unresolved by the courts as "incomplete foreclosures." These delayed, incomplete or "open foreclosures" can have serious negative effects on homeowners' chances for successfully saving their homes.

If you are a Hartford, Connecticut, homeowner stuck in a pending foreclosure or delayed in mediation, you need the help of an experienced Hartford foreclosure relief attorney to benefit from:

  • Prompt mediation assistance
  • Well-prepared mediation requests
  • Experienced court presentations (in-court advocacy)

All Hartford homeowners who receive a foreclosure notice or a notice of default have options and need to act promptly. At The Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have helped Hartford families save their homes with real solutions since 1983.

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Hartford Debt Relief and Mediation Attorneys

Our knowledge and experience can help you become current on a modified affordable mortgage, despite your bank's delay and "lost documents." Our attorneys examine your entire financial situation in order to achieve the best financial solution for true recovery. We've helped hundreds of hardworking Hartford homeowners through a full range of proven legal options, including:

Our attorneys understand that true foreclosure prevention and long-term home ownership require a carefully addressed full plan for resolution of all aspects of a family's debt problems. We understand all the laws and methods available to homeowners seeking true financial solutions. Homeowners can't afford to be mired in delayed answers and lost paperwork as they battle with uninterested banks and foreclosure factory attorneys. They need solid options and answers to help themselves through good counsel and legal options, including:

Hartford Foreclosure Numbers and Foreclosure Mediation

The Hartford foreclosure system has seen just under 3,500 foreclosures in the city of Hartford over the past five years.*

Over 33% of all foreclosures commenced in Hartford over the past five years have resulted in a foreclosure deed a lost home. This high lost home rate has continued despite the institution of mandatory mediation. Despite government programs aimed at helping homeowners, over 1,200 homes have been lost to foreclosure in Hartford since the housing meltdown began in 2007.

During this same period of record foreclosures, the Hartford real estate market for single family homes has declined just under 20%. The market for Hartford multifamily properties has dropped precipitously. Two- and three-family homes that once averaged approximately $244,500 in 2007 had a 2011 average sales price of $109,000 — a drop of over $135,000 or a more than 55% loss in value.

In order to assure you've maximized your chances of beating the odds by successfully resolving your mortgage problems, call our experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane. We know all the options available for saving Hartford homes since 1983.

Hartford Bankruptcy Courts and State Court Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Courts

If you live in Hartford and you need bankruptcy assistance, your case would be filed in the Hartford District of Federal Court, and your First Meeting of Creditors would be held in one of the following location for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases:

450 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103

Foreclosure Courts

If you live in Hartford and have a lawsuit pending against you or a foreclosure on your Hartford property, you would appear in the Hartford court system located at

95 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Town Clerk: John V. Bazzano

550 Main Street, Room 105, Hartford, CT 06103

Phone: 860-757-9751

Hartford Real Estate Market Statistics Through December 2012:

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 5 Year Change
No. of Sales 838 694 732 640 680 688 (-17.9%)
Median Price 150k 122k 124k 127k 102k 123k (-17.7%)
Foreclosures 688 883 736 539 760 637 (-7.4%)


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Many Hartford homeowners are still at risk for losing their homes given recent increases in Hartford foreclosures and the large backlog of unresolved foreclosure cases still pending. These families need prompt and experienced attorneys who know how to use all the legal options available to create successful plans for debt relief and long-term home ownership. Our hardworking lawyers and clients continue to succeed despite slow banks and ineffective government programs.

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*Source: The Warren Group – Boston, MA – www.thewarrengroup.com