Glastonbury Foreclosure Relief

Failed mortgage modification efforts have left many East Hartford homeowners increasingly behind on their mortgage payments. A review of the Hartford court docket which processes hundreds of East Hartford foreclosures, shows that record numbers of homes remain stuck in court proceedings, resulting in a record number of homes lost to foreclosures. This continues despite the availability of mandatory mediation upon proper requests from borrowers.

If you are an East Hartford, Connecticut homeowners stalled in a pending foreclosure or delayed in unsuccessful mediation, get the help of an experienced East Hartford foreclosure defense attorney who knows all of your legal options. We’ve helped hundreds of hardworking homeowners through a full range of proven legal options; including:

Mediation Success Requires Prompt, Experienced Legal Counsel

If you are struggling with your mortgage, behind on payments or have received a notice of foreclosure, contact us at the Law Offices of Neil Crane to speak directly with Attorney Crane or schedule a free consultation at 203-230-2233, or toll free at 1-888-249-3027.

Delay by Banks Results in Failure for Homeowners

Proven financial solutions require prompt action and experienced legal counsel. We know that delay by banks prevents success by homeowners. We use all legal options available to you to force the prompt resolutions from banks and foreclosure lawyers. Regardless of the status of any foreclosure action, there are still legal answers available.

Relief through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 stops foreclosure and all collection actions while providing a system for debt relief that protects your financial future.

Chapter 13 causes an automatic stay of all litigation and provides a three-to-five year repayment plan for all types of debt. Chapter 13 repays mortgages ahead of payment on any other types of less important debts.

Chapter 13 can also provide for the payment of taxes or other overdue bills in a Plan that’s based on your income and personal or family budget.

Glastonbury Foreclosure Rates and Home Prices

Glastonbury foreclosures have held steady at an average rate of approximately 100 foreclosures commenced per year for the past five years. Nearly all of the foreclosures involved condominium and single family residences subject to mandatory mediation requirements. Nonetheless, a significant percentage of all foreclosures resulted in a lost Glastonbury home. This high foreclosure rate of approximately ten per month has continued again the later part of 2012 and into the new year.

The annual number of real estate sales in Glastonbury has fallen consistently each year from a high of 805 in 2007 to a low of 457 sales in 2011, for a decrease of over 350 sales per year, or over 40%. Fortunately, prices in Glastonbury have performed better than neighboring towns and nearly all of Connecticut’s other towns.

Glastonbury Real Estate Market Statistics Through December 2015:

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 5 Year Change
No. of Sales 446 547 555 535 608 (+36%)
Median Price 320K 300k 297.9k 305k 300k (-6.3%)
Foreclosures 76 112 107 90 34 (-55.3%)

Glastonbury Lost Homes due to Foreclosure Statistics through December 2015

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 5 Year Change
Homes Lost
(Forecl. Sale)
19 26 15 24 29 (52.6%)
Homes Lost
(Strict Forecl.)
28 16 35 34 19 (-32.1%)

Glastonbury Bankruptcy Courts and State Court Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Courts

If you live in Glastonbury and you need bankruptcy assistance, your case would be filed in the Hartford District of Federal Court, and your First Meeting of Creditors would be held in Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (Chapter 7 cases) and Hartford at 450 Main Street, Hartford, CT, 06106 (Chapter 13 cases).

Foreclosure Courts

If you live in Glastonbury and have a lawsuit pending against you or a foreclosure on your Glastonbury property, you would appear in the Hartford court system located at 90 Washington Street, Hartford, CT.

Town Clerk: Joyce P. Mascena
2155 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033 Phone: 860-652-7616

Real Glastonbury, CT Foreclosure Relief Solutions at the Law Offices of Neil Crane

The high rate of Glastonbury, CT foreclosures threatens many hardworking Glastonbury homeowners seeking to keep their homes and regain their financial futures. These families need the prompt and experienced legal assistance provided by our hardworking lawyers and long-term professional staff. Our dedicated lawyers continue to succeed despite slow banks and ineffective government programs.

Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure Relief Lawyers in Glastonbury

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