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Many Fairfield residents continue to struggle with high mortgage payments, credit card debt and small business problems. With further difficult economic times, it has never been more important to learn your options and legal rights by contacting experienced legal counsel at the Bankruptcy Law Offices of Neil Crane. Through years of work at our Bridgeport office, we have developed the knowledge necessary to obtain a complete understanding of your problems and all possible solutions. Our Fairfield bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys have used a full working knowledge of all available legal options. Our office in Bridgeport has a twenty year history of success for Fairfield consumers and small businesses with financial problems. Help is just a phone call away.


"I always thought bankruptcy was failing, boy was I wrong, it took me years to make the call to call Neil's office to finally pull the trigger. That's when everyone in the office really gave me the confidence I needed to go forward. My case was a mess, I had over $700,000.00 dollars in Debt. The girls in the office helped me get all of my creditors listed and I was filed in no time. I wish I made this decision a lot sooner than I did. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone, it doesn't matter how large or small your debt is, they will help. If anyone would like to contact me directly, I would welcome that with open arms." Testimonial


We provide customized solutions through legal representation focused on the full range of financial problems, including:

If you have credit card problems, mortgage problems, business problems or other general financial difficulties, call the experienced debt relief attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027. We never use voicemail. You'll speak directly with a bankruptcy and debt relief attorney with the experience earned from thousands of successful cases in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. We will fully address your questions and concerns. We also offer a free initial consultation. Complete our online Contact Form and we'll promptly respond with the help you need.

Fairfield Bankruptcy Attorney: Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Solutions

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides for the "discharge" of unsecured debt like credit card debt while still protecting your personal and business assets. Filing for Chapter 7 relief enables families to preserve income to service more important obligations like mortgage payments, car loans and other current costs of living. Chapter 7 stops all lawsuits immediately by providing for an automatic stay on all collection or foreclosure proceedings. It also prevents deficiency judgments on homes lost to foreclosure or repossessed vehicles.

Small Business Solutions At the Law Offices of Neil Crane we help Fairfield small business owners working to save their business and obtain relief from overwhelming business debt. We fully understand the connections between business problems and personal household debt. With our experienced legal assistance, we've provided financial solutions for hundreds of small business owners that fully protect their business and personal assets. Although business problems are often solved without court involvement, we know how to use all of the protections provided by Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides an automatic stay on all collection efforts including lawsuits and foreclosure actions in favor of a three-to-five year repayment plan that covers all types of debts in order of their importance or priority. The Law Offices of Neil Crane is one of the state's leading providers of Chapter 13 relief. Our experienced attorneys have crafted over one thousand Chapter 13 repayment plans that reduce or eliminate unimportant debts like credit cards in favor of more essential obligations like mortgage payments or taxes.

Real Solutions for Fairfield Consumers since 1983

Our Bridgeport office focuses on all forms of debt relief through all legal methods available, including:

Tax Solutions: Our attorneys have solved hundreds of difficult tax cases involving real estate tax problems, personal property taxes, state taxes and federal taxes. We know how to handle the entire range of collection and levy practices utilized by revenue officers. Our office receives referrals from accountants, CPAs, tax attorneys and other tax professionals. We have solved complicated tax problems for Fairfield residents since 1983.

Unsecured Debt Relief: The most common form of unsecured debt is credit card debt. The monthly drain of credit card payments is the most common cause of all financial problems and never seems to go away. Credit card debt provides no benefit to your family - unlike house or car payments, which provide housing benefits and transportation. Fortunately, unsecured debt is the easiest form of debt to reduce, settle or discharge. In the hands of experienced bankruptcy counsel at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, unsecured debt is always subject to severe adjustment or full elimination.

At the Bridgeport office of the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have a long term history of providing debt relief and bankruptcy protection for Fairfield residents since 1983. Get informed - Contact us at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027 to discuss a legal solution for your financial problems. You'll always speak with an experienced attorney to fully discuss all your concerns. We never use voice mail. Or fill out a Contact Form and we'll promptly call you for a free discussion and a free initial consultation.

REMEMBER: If you are Facing Foreclosure and Feeling Overwhelmed, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Others in your town have suffered the pain of foreclosure. Call 203-230-2233 to stop from becoming just another statistic.

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