Eliminating or Discharging State And Federal Tax in Hartford

As one of the leading tax relief attorneys in the Hartford, CT area, we have been providing the complete range of tax relief including eliminating and discharging of taxes for our Hartford clients since 1983. Our full range of experience makes us uniquely situated to understand all the standards, details, nuances and options available when dealing with local, state or federal tax problems. We've utilized all possible legal avenues to provide customized and comprehensive solutions for individual Hartford tax payers and Hartford small business owners. We employ an innovative array of options for the elimination or restructuring of all types of tax obligations.


Understanding the Full Range of Legal Tax Solutions in Hartford

We can help you get your tax debt under control in even the most difficult circumstances. As attorneys, we are licensed and qualified to provide advice and solutions protected by the "attorney/client privilege." We also enjoy a 30 year reputation for solving tax problems utilizing negotiated settlements and all court options, including bankruptcy relief through:

Eliminating or Restructuring All Types of Taxes

While bankruptcy relief may not always be the correct option for your specific tax problem, bankruptcy law provides the most comprehensive relief for all types of taxpayer problems. With the use of our experienced bankruptcy tax relief attorneys, all tax debts are subject to elimination or restructuring on terms favorable to you, without exception. Our experienced bankruptcy knowledge and tax relief solutions provide our clients with:

  • Attorney/Client privilege protects your rights and privacy
  • Prompt and comprehensive legal advice
  • An understanding and a solid reputation with state and federal revenue collectors
  • Access to the automatic stay to halt all collections activities, liens or levies.

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we properly prepare and utilize all the legal options available including bankruptcy law to protect taxpayers and provide solid and affordable tax solutions. Call us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027. Or contact us online by filling out our simple Contact Form for a prompt response from a dedicated Hartford tax relief attorney.