Eliminating And Discharging State And Federal Taxes in Bankruptcy in West Haven

Individuals and small business owners can find themselves confronted by a variety of tax problems. Without the experience or expertise to understand all of the legal solutions available to resolve tax problems, taxpayers without the benefit of legal counsel often feel overwhelmed by their tax problems. Professional assistance can quickly help to resolve all types of tax problems in any stage of delinquency or collection. As experienced bankruptcy and tax relief attorneys in West Haven, we know the full range of all available options. It’s never too late to obtain the best legal tax counsel available.


Our experience and our comprehensive understanding of all types of taxes and all chapters of bankruptcy relief makes the Law Offices of Neil Crane uniquely qualified to provide the full range of solutions for all types of tax problems. We’ve solved hundreds of West Haven financial problems since 1983.

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Bankruptcy Tax Relief Solutions Since 1983

  • Discharging State and Federal Income Tax
  • Chapter 7 Tax Relief
  • Chapter 13 Tax Relief and Chapter 13 Tax Plans
  • Tax Relief for Small Businesses
  • Lien Removal under Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy cases can adjust any type of local, state or federal taxes. In addition to the power to eliminate or discharge older income taxes in Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and personal Chapter 11 cases, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 provide full-range relief, an automatic stay, and repayment plans for all types of taxes.

The ability to completely eliminate or discharge state and federal taxes is an incredibly powerful bankruptcy tool for relief from older income tax debt, but it requires a specialized bankruptcy tax relief attorney with the knowledge and experience to properly implement all the laws for your protection.

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Bankruptcy Tax Lien Removal and the Automatic Stay

The filing of a bankruptcy proceeding under any chapter of bankruptcy stops all future liens, garnishments and seizures. Additionally, under Chapter 13 and Chapter 11, liens that are under secured or recently filed can be often removed and not paid. This is a powerful provision in the Bankruptcy Code to reverse existing IRS and state tax liens and collection efforts, like:

  • Personal Property Attachments can be removed
  • Wage Garnishments can be ended
  • Bank Account liens can be reversed
  • Real Estate Tax Liens can be removed
  • Business Assets can be freed from seizure or attachment or closing
  • Other Levies and Seizures are also terminated under bankruptcy

At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve used a full range of bankruptcy tax protection and elimination powers to provide comprehensive and long-term tax relief for our West Haven taxpayers and small business owners for over three decades.

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