Eliminating And Discharging State And Federal Taxes in Bankruptcy in Wallingford

As one of the leading providers of bankruptcy debt relief in the New Haven County area, we’ve provided a full range of tax relief solutions to our Wallingford clients since 1983. Our long-term experience and broad range of knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to resolve all types of tax problems. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we provide customized and comprehensive tax relief solutions through all the legal options available to individuals and small business owners. With our full understanding of all types of tax problems, we are able to provide the best possible tax resolution for your particular circumstances. All tax problems are scary and different, but all tax problems are solvable.


CPAs, accountants and other Wallingford tax professionals rely on our reputation for taxpayer success and often refer us their most difficult personal and business tax cases.

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Obtaining Tax Relief through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

Chapter 7 relieves unsecured debt and also discharges or permanently eliminates older state and federal income taxes. In order to extinguish or discharge a tax under Chapter 7, the tax must meet certain basic criteria:

  • The income taxes cover a period due over three years prior to bankruptcy filing
  • Tax returns have been “filed” for more than two years prior to bankruptcy filing
  • No ”assessments” have occurred within 270 days of the bankruptcy filing

Chapter 13 Tax Treatment: In addition to providing the discharge of older income taxes and personal property taxes available under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 also provides for the repayment of more recent income taxes at favorable terms over a three-to-five year repayment plan.

Tax Protection Under Chapter 11: Personal Chapter 11 cases also allow for discharge of older income taxes and the favorable repayment of all other forms of tax debt, including real estate taxes, income taxes, sales taxes and others.

Bankruptcy law offers a full range of protection from all types of taxes, even in the most final and extreme stages of tax collection, including relief from liens, levies, garnishments and seizures.

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Bankruptcy’s Automatic Stay Stops All Tax Collection Efforts

Filing under any chapter of bankruptcy will immediately stop all collections actions, liens or levies or other attachments through the creation of an automatic stay. The automatic stay allows taxpayers the time to propose a suitable plan for tax resolution based upon all the protections and special powers available under the Bankruptcy Code. Bankruptcy law also provides for the removal of attachments, liens, levies and garnishments, even those in effect before the bankruptcy filing.

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