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High interest credit card bills are the worst form of debt possible. They serve no useful purpose, and never seem to go down. While unsecured debt can build quickly, it is almost impossible to reduce. Credit card debt can quickly tap your income and result in much more significant problems paying rent, home payments, utilities, car expenses and food. If your credit card obligations become overwhelming, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debt, protect your essential assets and preserve your rights to all your future income.

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Full Relief Under the New Income Guidelines of Chapter 7

A properly filed Chapter 7 petition protects assets like homes and cars while eliminating unsecured debt. The first step in obtaining Chapter 7 relief under the new bankruptcy law is a careful analysis of household income from all available sources over the past six month period. This six-month income, doubled, is defined as "household annual income" for purposes of determining eligibility for "automatic" Chapter 7 relief. Annual income levels are categorized by family size and geographical area. In Connecticut, the numbers by family size are approximately:

  • Family of 1 - $60,000+ Family of 2 - $ 72,000+
  • Family of 3 - $87,000+ Family of 4 - $104,000+
  • All additional individuals - $7,500 per person
  • These numbers are subject to adjustment every six months

Chapter 7 Means Testing and Eligibility Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Law Offices of Neil Crane


Under the new law, gaining eligibility for Chapter 7 demands the best counsel and legal assistance. Now more than ever, you need to benefit from the experience and expertise we've developed as the largest provider of Chapter 7 relief in Connecticut.

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Full Chapter 7 Discharge of Unsecured Debt


The goal of an expertly filed Chapter 7 petition is the elimination of all unsecured debt through a court ordered Chapter 7 Discharge. This is a legally binding order that permanently eliminates qualifying debt while also protecting assets and all future income.

A successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides for the discharge of all unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, and other forms of signature loans. It can also discharge older state and federal income tax debt. The Chapter 7 process is the specialized collection of all applicable facts and court documentation prior to the filing. Properly prepared, Chapter 7 is an entirely predictable resolution to credit cards and other forms of unsecured debt.

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