Danbury Tax Installment Agreement Attorneys

All past due taxpayers understand the fear and pressure caused by overdue tax returns and outstanding tax bills to State or Federal taxing authorities, but most taxpayers don't know how to properly approach or resolve their tax issues. Installment Agreements can often provide the relief necessary to obtain an arrangement with tax authorities and regain a new financial life:

State Tax Installment Agreements: While the State of Connecticut doesn't have the strict statutory arrangements available for Federal tax obligations, State revenue officers understand that nearly all taxpayers need time to pay.

Federal Tax Installment Agreements: Federal Tax Installment plans are largely defined in clear and concise fashion under the Internal Revenue Code.

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All State or Federal Tax Installment Agreements require monthly payments on the full debt or a portion of the tax debt due based on strict financial standards.

Full Payment Installment Agreements: These Agreements provide for monthly payments on the entire State or Federal tax debt over a specified term. For Federal income taxes under $50,000, there is a Streamlined Installment Agreement process for repayment within a six (6) year period.

Partial Payment Installment Agreements: These reduced arrangements often require the full knowledge and experience of a professional specializing in tax problems and available solutions. All partial payment tax arrangements require proposals customized to present taxpayer assets and income along with a complete analysis of future assets and your future "available" income.

Preparation of a Reduced Installment Agreement: In order to maximize the chances of an acceptable Compromise Installment Agreement, tax professionals need to understand the standards and guidelines applied by State and Federal revenue officers.

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