Tax Relief and Chapter 20 Bankruptcy

The filing of a Chapter 7 followed by the later filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition is known as a "Chapter 20." This is an important and creative use of two chapters of bankruptcy to provide individuals with the fullest protection available for the greatest debt relief possible under both chapters of bankruptcy protection.


At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, in Connecticut, the filing of Chapter 20 bankruptcy proceedings has been a staple of our practice's success for nearly three decades. Our office is one of the leading providers of Chapter 20 relief for tax relief and tax repayment problems. This sequential use of two chapters of relief requires the expertise built over hundreds of successful cases that have provided the customized and comprehensive solutions that have assured our clients' financial success in the face of all forms of overwhelming debt and tax problems.

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Process of Filing Chapter 20 to Relieve Tax Debt

The key to Chapter 20 success starts with the proper preparation of a Chapter 7 eligible case under the more stringent income requirements of the new bankruptcy law. By utilizing every method possible to qualify debtors under Chapter 7's new "means testing" requirements the experienced counsel at the Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC, can provide full discharge of all Chapter 7 dischargeable taxes as a first step to debt relief and later qualification for Chapter 13.

By obtaining a properly ordered Chapter 7 discharge and unsecured debt relief, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can free all income available to be used to pay non-dischargeable tax debt and other priority debt instead of the less important types of debt already extinguished in the earlier-granted Chapter 7 proceeding. This allows us to focus all of our client's income and ability toward the most important remaining tax obligations still outstanding, free of the constraints of other discharged obligations.

Through the creative use of a Chapter 7 discharge and the proper preparation of the best possible Chapter 13 plan, we can provide our clients with the best avenue possible for long-term tax relief and financial success.

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