Bristol State and Federal Installment Agreements

Delinquent taxpayers often find themselves unable to address or resolve their past due taxes to State or Federal Revenue collectors. Despite this fear, tax problems are solvable through a variety of alternatives; including:

  • Guaranteed Installment Agreements which can be granted as a matter of course; or
  • Customized Installment Agreements, which often require greater effort and customization for taxpayers with the knowledge of qualified legal representation.

To understand which options best apply to your tax problem and the nuances of proper tax solutions, qualified tax problem professionals can provide you with the assistance you need to obtain tax relief and a new financial future.

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A successful Installment Agreement allows delinquent taxpayers to repay overdue taxes in full or in part through the establishment of a monthly repayment schedule.

Full Payment Agreements: These provide for payment of the entire amount due for state taxes or federal taxes over a specified monthly term. In the case of federal taxes, this may come in the form of a Streamlined Tax Installment Agreement or a Guaranteed Tax Installment Agreement for amounts under $50,000 and repayment within six (6) years.

Partial Payment Agreements: These installment arrangements provide for a repayment of less than the full tax amount due on State or Federal tax balances. These arrangements require a more customized approach based upon assets, income and all "allowable" expenses. These plans need to be well-formulated and properly founded on standards acceptable to State and Federal tax revenue officers.

Full Pay and Partial Pay Tax Installment Agreements

Whether you face State tax or Federal tax problems or both types of tax authorities, successful solutions require that you are allowed to pay the lowest installment amount available in your particular financial circumstances. This requires the assistance of a tax problem professional that understands the standards and guidelines applied to full Installment Tax Agreements and Partial Pay Installment Tax Agreements with both State and Federal taxing authorities.

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