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At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we’ve used our dedication, experience and local presence in Bridgeport to solve the financial and tax problems of hundreds of residents and small businesses in the Bridgeport area. Our Bridgeport offices have allowed us to serve the needs of hardworking Bridgeport residents facing overwhelming tax problems. We’ve earned a first rate reputation in the Bridgeport Bankruptcy Court with over thousands of successful cases since 1983. Tax professionals, CPAs and accountants refer us their most difficult tax cases based upon our history of success and our commitment to the personal attention that each tax problem needs and deserves.

Unlike other tax providers and professionals, our status as experienced attorneys allows us to fully examine and understand your tax problem within the protections and confidentiality of the attorney/client privilege. Starting with a free consultation, our experienced attorneys develop solutions for:

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Bankruptcy Tax Relief Since 1983

Our education and years of experience give us the ability to analyze, understand and formulate the customized solutions available to provide a comprehensive plan for individual taxpayers and small businesses. Our knowledge will work for you as we formulate the precise option that provides you with the maximum protection given your particular financial and tax problems.

Bankruptcy law provides for the elimination or restructuring of all forms of tax debt without exception. By focusing our years of hard work on all of the latest tax relief options and the rules and nuances of the new Bankruptcy Code, we are able to provide bankruptcy alternatives that provide long-term tax relief through:

A properly prepared and filed bankruptcy petition allows our attorneys to provide all taxpayers and small businesses with an automatic stay on all local state or federal tax collection efforts. This stay on collection activities applies against all revenue officers and allows for the time necessary to properly resolve your tax problems without the pressures and threat of imminent levies, liens, garnishments, seizures or sale of assets. This provides the time necessary to provide the proper long-term recovery available under our comprehensive plan for your tax relief and financial success.

The automatic stay under bankruptcy stops:

Collection procedures by State Revenue Officers
Collection procedures by the IRS
Liens, levies, garnishments, seizures and sales
Real estate or personal property tax foreclosures

To obtain a full and comprehensive review of your tax problems, contact the experienced tax relief attorneys at the Law Offices of Neil Crane. CONTACT US today to schedule a confidential free consultation. We will fully analyze and discuss your entire financial situation during our first meeting. Start by contacting us today at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027, or complete our online Contact Form. We have helped well over ten thousand families in Connecticut. Read our testimonials.