Eliminating or Discharging State And Federal Tax in Bridgeport

Individuals and small business owners can face a variety of tax problems without the experience or expertise to understand all of the options available to solve "overwhelming" tax problems. Professional assistance can quickly help to resolve all types of tax problems in any stage of delinquency or collection. It's never too late to obtain the best legal tax counsel available. As experienced bankruptcy and tax relief attorneys, we know the full range of all available options.

All chapters of bankruptcy allow for specialized relief from all types of local, state and federal taxes by overriding tax laws in favor of bankruptcy tax protection and taxpayer relief.

At the Bridgeport, CT Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been utilizing all the chapters of bankruptcy to provide taxpayer relief to our Bridgeport area clients for over 30 years. To speak directly with a bankruptcy tax attorney, call us at 203-230-2233 or toll free at 1-888-249-3027. We never use voicemail. Or fill out our contact us form.

Discharging Income Tax Debt Under Chapter 7

Chapter 7 relieves nearly all forms of unsecured debt and also discharges or eliminates older state and federal income taxes permanently. In order to extinguish or discharge a tax under Chapter 7, the tax must first meet certain basic criteria:

  • Taxes are for a period due over three years prior to bankruptcy filing
  • Tax returns have been "filed" for over two years prior to bankruptcy filing
  • No "assessments" within 270 days of the bankruptcy filing

Qualifying taxes for elimination under Chapter 7 is a very specialized and highly detailed determination that requires the full knowledge and attention of qualified bankruptcy counsel. Any mistake can be critical, but the proper results are fully worth the effort. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we've been performing tax dischargeability analyses and full Chapter 7 tax discharges since 1983.

Chapter 13 Tax Discharge and Repayment Plans

Under the full protections offered by Chapter 13, all taxes of any type can be either discharged or restructured under a Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization. This includes all of the following types of taxes:

State and Federal Income Tax over three years old, filed for two and not recently assessed can be eliminated. Newer taxes can be repaid with lower interest and no future penalties or fees.

Personal Property Taxes over a year old are dischargeable. More recent taxes can be repaid.

Real Estate Taxes and foreclosure can be stopped and repaid over a three-to-five year Chapter 13 plan.

Trust Fund Taxes like sales tax, state and federal payroll tax can be repaid over a three-to-five year repayment schedule while staying in business.

Bankruptcy law offers a full range of protection from all types of taxes, even in the most extreme tax collection actions, including relief from liens, levies, garnishments and seizures.

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