Benefits of Chapter 13 in Waterbury

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides personal protection for individuals seeking immediate relief from all types of debts and all types of collection actions. It covers any type of debt, including any stage of collection from creditor calls to foreclosures and tax levies. Since most families in trouble experience difficulties on a number of financial fronts, the full coverage of Chapter 13 allows for protection from all forms of debt. Chapter 13 also allows for fully customized solutions through a three-to-five year plan of reorganization with payments based on importance and your particular budget.


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Saving Homes Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


The filing of a Chapter 13 stops all foreclosure actions against real estate wherever located and whenever filed. Chapter 13 places an automatic stay which immediately halts all collection activities and all foreclosure actions. This allows homeowners to stop the repossession of their home at any time during the foreclosure process, regardless of how long the foreclosure has been pending.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows for a three-to-five year repayment of any money due under a mortgage that has fallen behind. This repayment schedule allows homeowners to reinstate their mortgage and recommence regular monthly payments without any permission from their bank or finance company. It also covers second mortgage problems and outstanding real estate taxes.

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Chapter 13 Protection Covers All Forms of Debt In Order of Importance


Chapter 13 covers all forms of debt of all kinds and treats their repayment by prioritizing so that the most important debts get paid before less important obligations. A properly crafted Chapter 13 Plan will pay debts of all kinds in accordance with their legal priorities as follows:

Mortgage Payments are essential to keep a home and are therefore treated as first priority secured debts.

Real Estate Taxes are debts that are secured by your house and are treated to secured status through payment under the three-to-five year life of the Chapter 13 Plan.

State and Federal Taxes are often important since recent taxes are not dischargeable under Chapter 7 but older taxes can be eliminated.

Unsecured Debts like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and other forms of unsecured debts are not critical to a family budget and are therefore treated with the lowest priority through elimination or a payment of pennies on the dollar.

A History of Success in Waterbury, CT at the Law Offices of Neil Crane


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a specialized chapter of bankruptcy that requires experience and a full working knowledge of the power and benefits granted under Chapter 13. At the Law Offices of Neil Crane, we have properly crated and completed hundreds of Chapter 13 Plans for our Waterbury, CT area clients since 1983.

We understand all the intricacies and details of Chapter 13 plans of reorganization so that our involvement assures you the full range of protection available under the law.

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